Is Trisha Paytas interdimensionally connected to the Royal Family?

A drawing of a hand holding up a palm-sized, crown- and diaper-wearing baby on a green background with a lighter green Victorian pattern.
Ever seen Double King? That’s all I can think of while looking at this kid. lee lim

Correlation not causation and all that, but what are the chances?

If you’ve never heard of Trisha Paytas, then you’re probably lucky. A YouTube veteran, Paytas has been on the platform since 2007.  

Her most popular content is either her kitchen floor meltdowns or her extravagant mukbangs. Her original videos were more focused on make-up (and some really, really disturbing, messed-up stuff that you can look into on your own time).  

Several years after her debut, in 2015, Paytas made a comment saying that she purposely said or did stupid things for views. These comments included claiming she voted for Mitt Romney in 2012, that she was Asian, and that dogs just didn’t have brains.  

Outside of these stunts, she makes music and her most popular song is called “I Love You Jesus.”  

She’s also a mother. Her first daughter, Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon, that she shares with husband Moses Hacmon, was born on Sept 14, 2022. 

Malibu just might also be the reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth II. 

On Sept 7, 2022, Paytas tweeted out “1 cm dilated! Woo hoo!” to announce that she would soon be going into labor. 

Then, Queen Elizabeth II died. On Sept 8, 2022. Pretty piss-poor timing for Liz, if you ask me. 

The internet went crazy. Memes were everywhere stating that Queen Elizabeth II was reincarnated into Paytas’ baby girl.  

Tweets like, “one might say trisha paytas’ baby is… crowning [sic]” from user @nfwmbxsci; “imagine not being on twitter and someone says to you “did you hear about the queen being reincarnated as trisha paytas’ baby” like… no i did not hear about that. and that is something i never thought i would hear [sic]” from user @uhhmmily; and “you’re laughing. queen elizabeth is about to be reincarnated as trisha paytas’ baby and you’re laughing [sic].” from user @ih8petewentz went viral on X (Twitter). 

On September 9, Paytas uploaded a TikTok to say that she was still pregnant, her baby was not Queen Elizabeth II, and she was embarrassed that people were saying her daughter was Lizzie’s reincarnation. She had to text people back saying that, no, she did not give birth, and no, her baby was not the former Queen. 

I can hear what you’re saying already. “But Will, that was in 2022, why are we talking about this now?” 

On Nov 21, 2023, Paytas announced that she was pregnant with baby number two and baby number two was due in May of 2024. On that day in November, YouTuber Adam McIntyre tweeted out, “prince charles [sic] has 9 months left,” in reference to the newly crowned King Charles III. 

When news went out on Feb 5, 2024 that King Charles III was diagnosed with cancer, Paytas came back into the conversation. 

X user @thicksku11 tweeted out, “if i had a nickel for every time trisha paytas’ baby coincided with the downfall of the royal family id have two nickels which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice [sic],” which echoed most of the internet’s reaction to the King’s cancer diagnosis. 

It seems absurd to think that the last two monarchs of England either got sick or died very close to specifically Trisha Paytas giving birth, but it happened. 

On Feb 6, 2024, Paytas took to her TikTok again to talk about the reignited memes about her womb. She said that the only king her baby should be related to is the King of Rock and Roll, in reference to the fact that she has stated on multiple occasions that this baby will be named Elvis.  

She denied that either of her babies were reincarnations of royals, stating that Elizabeth and Charles were both old and babies are born often enough. She claims no connection to the royal family or England and that she was only in England for Celebrity Big Brother which she appeared on in 2017. 

So, are Trisha Paytas’ babies actually reincarnations of Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III? No, and she stated that she doesn’t want people manifesting that into reality. 

At this point, all we can do is wait until either the birth of Baby Elvis or the death of King Charles III to see what happens next. 


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