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Has-beens and hotshots compete

To see our fellow students compete in such sporting events with the amount of skill that they have is remarkable. Athletes training for years to be able to do the amazing acts that they do. Which is why sports are all for them, right? While yes, not everyone can run down the length of a court and dunk a basketball, all in under seven seconds. However, the above statement may not be true. Reader, let me tell you a little secret about university sports.

What if I told you that there is a way for ordinary students to get involved with team sports? Oh yes, that is the beauty of intramurals. Want to play hockey but haven’t stepped foot on an ice surface since you were a kid, just like in all those Canadian Tire commercials? Have you ever tried out for football but then realised that the amount of plays in a game are more than the amount of times you ever caught a ball? Well then, intramurals are the perfect solution!

Whether you are someone who played in their childhood, but has since decided to focus on other passions, or have never even thought of playing before, but it looks so gosh darn fun, then sign up today! All you have to do is search intramurals on the University of Regina’s website, head on over to the provided link, then sign up using your Uregina webmail account and you’re in!

As a student, you can search any type of sport that you might be interested in. Whether it is water polo, basketball, dodgeball, soccer, a wide selection of team sports are available. Want to try a sport out on your own? Sure! Sign up to the sport of your desire as a free agent with a fee of $15. What about if you have a group of friends with you? Sign up as a team and compete together, with the fee varying from sport to sport. Each sport has its own timetable that you can sign up for when you want to compete so that it fits into your daily schedule.

Plus, with intramurals, teams have the freedom to name their team and customize it to their heart’s desire. Compete against your fellow classmates during the season, and yes, there is a trophy for your sport’s champion. The competition is recreational, and it is a way to stay active and positive even during those harsh, cold winter days that are coming up soon. So, why not try a sport that you have always wanted to? Come out and sign up! It may be the perfect way to get out all that pent up anger you probably are going have at your prof for having such awfully difficult midterms. And who knows? You might actually be good at it and you might actually have fun.

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