How to workout properly


author: destiny kaus | production manager

Do you even lift, bro/Public Domain

It’s called decorum, you jerks

What annoys you the most when you’re trying to get in a good workout? You guessed it: when people use improper weight room etiquette. Now, what, you may ask, is proper weight room etiquette? Well, let me tell you. Here are five simple guidelines to follow to make sure your lovely little manners in the weight room are on point and to thus make the workout experience far more enjoyable for everyone else in the gym.


  1. Clean the equipment after you use it

Nobody, I repeat, nobody wants to lay in your sweaty mess to crush their reps once you’re done using a bench or another machine. Of course, they could clean your bench themselves, but why not offer them the courtesy of being a nice human being and cleaning it so they don’t have to? It’s just the proper thing to do. People will respect you for this and everyone will lead a happier healthier life because of this small gesture. Plus, it’s always nicer to walk into a clean gym instead of a gym filled with benches with nasty sweat marks all over them. Gross.


  1. Don’t go to the gym if you’re sick or diseased

Remember what happened last year? Yes, you do. The GI spread like wildfire throughout the U of R because sick people kept going to the gym to get their gains on when they should have been at home purging the sickness from their bodies. A few days of not working out will not kill you. And your muscles will not magically disappear if you miss a few workouts. Also, if you have a weird skin rash, please, I beg of you, do not go to the gym until you are healed. Nobody wants to pick up your fungus and spend weeks trying to get rid of a mysterious rash. Trust me. I speak from experience.


  1. For goodness sake, use a spotter

Yes, lifting heavy weights makes you look like the coolest person ever. But, it is not cool in the least to try and lift heavy weights without having a spotter. Do we want to see you drop a 300-pound bench press on your chest? No. Do we want to watch you crash on the squat rack? No. Do we enjoy watching your elbow snap as you try to dumbbell press your body weight? No. So, don’t be dumb. Swallow your pride, and use a spotter. Your body will thank you for it and so will everyone else in the gym.


  1. Don’t be a creep

Yes, a lot of people who work out at the gym are wildly attractive, and some could even be potential mates for you. However, this does not give you the right to stare at someone’s boobs or drool over someone’s yummy biceps to the point where it makes them uncomfortable. That’s just creepy. Have some respect for the human beings who are working out alongside you. They are not pieces of meat placed in the gym for you to objectify. Focus on your workout. You are in the gym to work out and live a healthy lifestyle, not to creep on innocent humans who are just trying to work out and live a healthy lifestyle, too.


  1. Wear deodorant

I know it may sound odd to put deodorant on before you go to the gym, but please, please, do so. You may not know this, but there are other people in the gym with you, and many of these people walk past you to get from the leg press to the foam rollers, to the squat rack, etc. In transit, these people are breathing heavy, trying to recover from a rep, and the last thing they need is to inhale a giant waft of your B.O. Deodorant may not keep the litres of sweat from pouring out of your body, but at least it will help limit the stench for those around you.

Well, there you go! Follow these guidelines to weight room etiquette, and you will be well on your way to making the full workout experience pleasant for those around you. And, trust me, people will love you for it.

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