Guaranteed a job?


UR Guarantee promises post-university success

Lauren Golosky
News Writer

What if a university could guarantee career-related employment for its undergrads? That’s what the UR Guarantee program at the University of Regina strives to do. If it fails, participants are granted an additional year of university courses.

Since it officially got underway in 2009, the UR Guarantee program has witnessed a lot of growth. Chris Wagman, a counselor for the UR Guarantee office, has watched the program grow since its birth.

“We did have a few hundred students sign up between the fall and winter semesters,” Wagman said. “This year, we’re just about double that already.

“We feel that the more students we get involved, it will really spread word-of-mouth – they can sell the program to each other and the benefits with it.”

Much like any other program, there are limitations on eligibility.  However, these limitations are not as restrictive as people often think. It is open to any student with 30-or-less university credit hours. The design of the program means no one can join the party late in their university career.

“It is a four- to five-year program that will follow a four- to five-year degree,” Wagman said. “If you get too far ahead in your degree program, you won’t have time to catch up with our program.

“The requirements of the student grow as they go along in their program. The first year is basically an introduction to the university. We try to direct students to the different departments on campus that meet their needs.”

The program encourages students to get to know the Student Success Centre located in room 230, Riddell Centre, and the Career Centre located in room 163, Riddell Centre, as well as joining the co-op program if they are eligible.

Wagman also explained that as the student’s university career progresses, their requirements within the program increase. He said in either the second or third year, a work element is expected.

“It really isn’t as time consuming as it seems,” he said. “It really is a value-added program.”
    Wagman also believes the UR Guarantee program heightens the university student’s experience in general.
    “The program really is beneficial to all students in all faculties,” Wagman said. “When you graduate from your faculty, everyone that  comes out has the same piece of paper, whether it’s a degree in education or in engineering.”
    “It’s the experiences you gain outside of the classroom that are really going to set you apart from other students.”
    Wagman encourages anyone interested in the program to contact one of the counselors in the UR Guarantee office, located at 229 Riddell. There are also information sessions to be held later in September.

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