Graduating Cougars have made their mark

That look you give when you realize you have an MA in sociology/ Arthur Ward

That look you give when you realize you have an MA in sociology/ Arthur Ward

Author: kristian ferguson – sports writer

These fine folks are sailing away

As the end of this semester creeps ever closer, and the sports season comes to a close, we say goodbye to some soon-to-be alumni who are leaving not only the University, but the Cougars as well. They are being thrust into the real world, having to do real world things, away from the insular universe of post-secondary. It is at this time that we are going to thank these athletes for their time and their dedication to their sport and their school.


Jonathan Tull
Will Tallman

Kehlsie Crone

Alyssia Kajati

Sidney Dobner

The men’s basketball team went far this year, losing in game three of the Canada West Quarterfinals. Jonathan Tull was named the Canada West Second Team All-Star. Similarly, The women’s team placed sixth at CIS and really put up a fight the entire way there. All of the players listed were exceptional assets to their teams and hopefully, their successors can fill the gaps they leave behind.


Ahmed Alkabary

Simon Hauser

Jaden Lipp

Dustin Steininger

Avery Westberg

Danika Wolfe

Arthur Ward

The Cougars saw great success with the men’s track team winning two gold medals at CIS. We also bid farewell to our wonderful Marketing Manager Arthur Ward, as he completed his final year of track and field.


Andrew Fabian

Tyler Perkins

Kyle Paterson

Keenan Carrier

Aaron Picton

While this wasn’t the greatest year in Regina Rams history, the team held strong until the bitter end and played with all their heart. All of the graduating players will leave knowing that they tried their absolute hardest against stiff competition.


John Sonntag

Mark Schneider

Sanfred King

Troy Hunter

Carleen Meszaros

Brooklyn Moskowy

Stephanie Sawchuk

Toni Ross

While it seems that the fifth-years were already honored by their teams, here is another one from us. With both the women’s and men’s teams finishing the season early in the playoffs, they played hard and showed everyone that Regina is a force to be reckoned with.


Chris Myers

Chris leaves a legacy with the swim team, qualifying for CIS in every season here. That within itself is worth some recognition!


Matthew Lueck

Jacques Borgeaud

Andre Borgeaud

With both Borgeaud’s breaking personal and school records, and Lueck finishing second in the school’s history in aces, these talented players leave a pretty high benchmark for the newbies next season.



Sam Dietrich

Kayla Brodner

Kristine Longeau

With Brodner and Longeau already having articles on them about their bronze finishes at CIS, they obviously have had a very successful year. Here is to hoping that success carries over into the future! Dietrich finishes final in his final year of eligibility, for an incredibly successful and consistent wrestling career with the University.



Celia Michaud

The women’s soccer team had a tough season, but Michaud represented the team well in her final season of eligibility. The team is left with plenty of young players ready to step in and fill the void left by Michaud.

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