FIVE: Post-Welcome Week activities


Welcome Week may seem like the most fun you’ll have all year, but there are plenty of things you can do after Welcome Week is over to alleviate those post-Welcome Week hangover blues.

Find a party

There are parties in residence and off campus all the time. You’ll do well to learn which floors in your building are the party floors. And who said partying was only reserved for weekends? If you look hard enough, you can find your own drunken booze-fest any day of the week.

Flex all that useless trivia knowledge

You learn a lot at university. How much of that is actually useful is up for discussion, but Thursday night Pub Trivia at the Owl is sure to justify any class you find yourself in. Get together a team of eight friends and battle it out for a chance to win beer. Lots of beer. And speaking of beer…

Burn off those empty calories

You probably consumed enough beer for a small army this week, so why not work off all those empty calories in the pool? Besides, you don’t want to look like you just stepped off the Axiom, do you?

Become cultured

The Fifth Parallel has art. Lots of art. Free art. It’s not the most mentally taxing thing you could do, though, especially not if you put all those skills you learned in Art History 100 to use. There are a handful of exhibitions there per semester and each exhibition has its own opening reception, complete with free food and booze. That’s right. Free food and free booze.

Go to class

We all know you skipped class during Welcome Week. Now’s the time to get your ass back there so you don’t fail out of university.

Jonathan Petrychyn
A&C Editor

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