FIVE: Memorable Super Bowl commercials


Volkswagen – The Force: Obviously a fan of the character Darth Vader from the Star Wars series, a child dresses up as Vader and tries to conjure up the force. However, attempts to move the workout machine, dog, washer, doll, and a sandwich end in only dejection. Just when the child has lost almost all faith, his father drives home in their Volkswagen, and the kid runs out for one last attempt. Suddenly, the car starts! We soon learn the dad pressed the command start from inside the house.

Bridgestone Tires – Reply All Email: Rod is horrified when he is informed by a colleague at work that he accidentally hit “reply all” when he sent his email response. To prevent the email message from circulating, Rod goes to extreme measures. To name a few, Rod steals the laptops from a group of employees in a business meeting, smacks the phones out of his colleagues’ hands as he runs by and jumps out of a tree to get a laptop. Then, he finds out he actually did not hit “reply all”.

Doritos – Doritos Dog: A man gets more than he bargains for when he tries to mess with his girlfriend’s dog. The man holds up a bag of Doritos to the dog, who is outside, then closes the clear door as the dog runs towards him. After some epic slow-motion shots of the dog, a worried girlfriend, and the dumbass holding the chips, the dog suddenly breaks through the door, knocking the man to his rightful place on the floor. Man, that must have been one hungry dog.

E*TRADE – Baby’s Tailor: The popular E*TRADE Baby commercial series returned this year, giving the audience a chance to meet the man who dresses up the baby for every single commercial. Like all previous E*TRADE commercials, it was a simple concept, but seeing the baby talk, especially in a German ancient, was priceless. The interactions between the baby and the tailor were effective as well.

NFL – Best Fans: This commercial was all about paying tribute to hardcore NFL fans on popular television series. Some shows included Family Guy, Simpsons, Seinfeld, The Office, Cheers and Friends. It wasn’t exactly the most creative commercial, but it did show how the Super Bowl is so big and has made many appearances in multiple mediums.

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