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author: kaitlynn nordal | staff writer


Gotta follow the rules

As I sit on the balcony in my baggy New York sweater, hair in a messy bun, drinking my coffee, and reading Vogue, I hear an R2D2 whistle. Curious about who was texting me, I go and grab my phone. I have messages from a friend asking me what she should wear to different events that were coming up. Just like every other woman, she has body hang ups and insecurities. So, I thought I would share some of my expertise with all of you who may be having the same problems and can never find that perfect outfit.   

At only 5’1” and maybe 100 pounds, I am not a very big person. Making myself look  

taller is always a priority and can easily be done in a few simple steps.  When talking about tops, a smaller body needs sleeves that aren’t as long, since the longer they are, the smaller you look. Trick the human eye by having tops that have the hem cutting across your hips making them look narrower. A peplum dress or shirt is great at creating the appearance of curves in a smaller waist. When wearing a pair of pants or shorts, a higher waistband is the best since they make legs look longer.  Slightly wider, straight-legged trousers also make you look taller. If they have vertical stripes, this is all the better because vertical stripes elongate, making observers look up and down, rather than side to side. When talking shoes, if they are a nude colour or pointy-toed, this is best because they also make legs look longer.  When picking accessories, you want smaller ones; otherwise they make a person look smaller than they are. Also if you have a bigger chest but a smaller frame, wearing something that covers them a bit more – a cammi for example – heightens the waistline making you look longer and leaner.   

But what if you are more on the curvy side? No problem, I have you covered. First, let’s talk tops. Cap sleeves make shoulders look wider in proportion to hips making your waist look tinier. An A-line fit and flare is best for curves because it makes you look narrower on top, are tighter on your breasts, and camouflages the waist. If you feel insecure about showing off the girls, larger breasts in a lower neckline need a cammi underneath.  When a person’s weight is carried in the upper half of their body something that is solid on top with width and patterns or designs on the bottom balances out the body. Never pull down long sweaters when you have curves, because your torso will then look longer and your legs look shorter making you disproportioned. A modern jumpsuit is an option for plus-size women, since they hug and are loose in all the right places.  

When you are proportionate, a straight dress is best because it shows off curves better, since they are also fitted in all the right places. Pencil skirts hug your booty in a great way, so ladies, if you are on the curvy side, they should be your best friend. When you are trying to pick out jeans or dress pants, make sure they are a proper fit and hit the body snuggly. Otherwise, they will hang off your body in certain areas making you look disproportionate. Also, with a bigger booty, having something knee length or a little lower is best since we don’t want the saggy booty look.  

Keep all of these tips in mind as you shop, and picking an outfit may just be a little easier.

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