Farewell to jae won hur

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author: mac brock

editor/mastermind: annie trussler

Ladies and gentlemen of the University of Regina and surrounding community, change is not always good. I have been an avid follower of the journalistic dynamo named the Carillon Op-Ed section, which has been under the care of news titan completely average editor Jae-Won Hur for the past twelve months. As I had just finished mourning the sunset of Volume 58, I was struck by a piece of heartbreaking lovely news. Jae-Won Hur, the moral compass of our generation, a perfectly adequate editor was to be replaced with nobody up and comer Annie Trussler. Not knowing much about this strange new voice, I decided to do some background checking to see if she was deserving of Hur’s now-empty throne.

The first thing that struck me about Trussler’s social media presence was the overwhelming amount of poorly-landed comedy jokes in progress, left-wing propaganda progressive content, and perhaps worst of all, memes cultural icons.

I can’t say I know what would lead to Jae-Won Hur’s dismissal (though one can only assume performance-enhancing drugs), but I do know this: We have long taken for granted the community staple of the Carillon’s Op-Ed section. I fear we have a future of liberal censorship engagement in social crises that have been long ignored coming to leave the Carillon to its fate as an overrated soapbox tabloid a leading voice in student journalism. I can only assume that new dictator Supreme Leader Op-Ed Editor Annie Trussler at the helm, this scathing tear-down heartwarming think piece has been torn apart to help her spread her parasite love of writing. RIP, journalism Mac Brock, AKA myself, who has made all changes to this article, is thrilled to work alongside me Annie Trussler to discuss the issues that matter most to the student public in Volume 59.

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