Fall in Regina


Regina in the fall is quite nice, and we should enjoy it because winter is coming

Here we have a fine autumn, and it’s 2012. For years people have argued the end is to be December 21st of this year.  I haven’t heard many people talking about it recently – probably because of the distracting election – although I think someone made a movie about this year and made some cash. Where’s this second sun, or whatever? Winter is going to be on average cold again, and we could use the extra sunshine.

But it is ultimately of no use but malarkey to discuss winter at any length, because it will be here soon enough anyway. Let us get back to this presently fine autumn. Autumn is traditionally an enjoyable season, what with the colourful foliage being swept about in the breeze and the general nakedness of the trees. People rave in the coffeeshops over pumpkin flavoured syrup specials, and for what philosopher's call “good reason.”

Fine autumns, as well as those that are less fine, generally bring with them one of the finest cultural celebrations worldwide: Halloween, which is the candy-manic’s – as well as the dentist’s – equivalent to Christmas, at least as far as media and corporate interests are concerned. In addition, Halloween brings great costume parties wherein you can potentially act in a ridiculous way that you wouldn’t otherwise.

Not only is the ground now turning gold with leaves and grass – which is all really just stuff dying I guess – the autumn air offers an undeniably crisp whiff. One can step outside and feel as though we are now surely tilted slightly further away from the sun than we have been in six months time. It’s almost a scene from poetry – and one's hair keeps on growing, just then and all along.

Particular to Regina, though, in complement with the fine nature of this autumn we also find some of the rarest, beautiful urban scenery. Autumn makes for good walking, like you’re stepping around inside a piece of fine art; there’s the huge intimidating architechture of the legislature and then geese flocking all around Wascana Lake, this surreal swamp positioned precisely in the middle of square concrete things, and there’s the characteristic vibe of the Cathedral District, which, if one has not yet admitted to stepping into a piece of fine art one ought to check and make sure one was indeed stepping about and not being dragged around by the sheer force of beauty. One needs to walk around here, before the end of 2012 and the ensuing interdimensional galactic phase shift whereupon Buckaroo Banzai will unlock the 8th dimension, again, in order to save us.

Some have said Regina looks pretty nice from when you’re standing out at the garbage dump, and from there you can get a wide-angle perspective on the whole city. I think most would have to agree, and here we may conveniently remember that winter is on its way and – though generally less outwardly pleasant particularly to the skin and giblets – winter is a season, too, which can offer some decent measure of beauty. Snow shall cover away the garbage mountain completely without any of our efforts required, and it shall leave that dump and everything else – including the various bits of garbage lying around everywhere – concealed with a nice blanket of clean white.

Dustin Christianson

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