Escape Club review

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Board game café and escape room outlet

Board game cafés are a great place to hang out and drink with your friends, whether you opt for an alcoholic beverage or not. Appealing because of their wide array of games to play, kind and fun-loving staff, welcoming environment, and added escape rooms, board game cafes are on the rise.

Right here in Regina is the Escape Club. Home to six different escape rooms and 365 board games, there’s lots for you and your friends to do. The hours are great for people who work or are in school. From Monday to Saturday Escape Club is open from 4 p.m. to 12 a.m., and 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Sundays.

I recently went to the Escape Club with my friends to play some board games and we all had an amazing experience. The atmosphere of the board game café is fantastic. It feels cozy and homey, and I felt comfortable to sit and hang out.

Worried about what games they might have or if you’ll know how to play any of them? Their website has the entire list of games so you can choose what you want to play before you get there or find out if they have the game you really want to play. When you get to Escape Club, each game is labeled according to their labeling system, which has an incredibly easy to follow guide.

What was really important for me is how inclusive and accessible Escape Club is. It’s truly a 2SLGBTQ+ safe space. The bathrooms are gender neutral, labeled in theme with the escape rooms instead of by gender. Four of the escape rooms are wheelchair accessible and staff are incredibly accommodating. Even for those who are afraid of being locked in an escape room, there’s always a way out. The website lists trigger warnings like fear and flashing lights right on their website.

The escape rooms themselves are made for lots of different groups. You can have up to 16 people in the biggest room, but they are made for 4 to 16 people. The first room they have is called Spellbound. It’s a large room meant for 8 to 16 players and focuses on solving the disappearance of a man. It’s a supernatural themed escape room for ages 13 and up.

The next room is called Dr. Jones and the Tomb of Life. This hidden tomb is meant for 8 players, but 4 to 12 people is the recommended group size. It has a 17 per cent success rate and is restricted to ages seven and up. Following that is a room called SeCure. This room lets you escape from “an underground Russian medical research facility experimenting with reanimating dead cells.” Similar to the Tomb of Life, SeCure is meant for 8 players, but recommends 4 to 12. It’s meant for ages 13 and up and has a 13 per cent success rate.

For smaller groups, Miss Fortune is meant for 2 players, but is recommended for 2 to 6. Miss Fortune takes place in a fortune teller’s parlor, is restricted to ages seven and up, and has a 29 per cent success rate. The highest success rate at 34 per cent is Old Mac’s Farm. Themed around the children’s rhyme, players must find Old Mac’s most beloved animals and explore a classroom to find the missing animals. This room is for 2 to 10 players and is restricted to ages seven and up.

Escape Club is an incredibly fun place to be, and the staff are incredibly kind and dedicated to guests having the most fun possible. Located at 2410 Dewdney Ave, I highly recommend an escape room or some board games at Escape Club for your next outing with family, friends, or for team building.


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