Erin Haasdyk, designer and creator behind Lemondrop Local

Erin Haasdyk couldn’t find any clay earrings for Christmas gifts. So she started making them. Rockbamboo Photo & Film

A talented artist who crafts unique clay earrings.

Erin Haasdyk started Lemondrop Local just a few months ago, in January. While currently a teacher in Calgary, she is originally from Thode, Saskatchewan. Sharing the same profession as her parents and brother, it is fair to say that her family holds a passion for education and for inspiring future generations.

Along the way, she was inspired to delve into a new craft from a surprising place – a need for clay earrings.

“I had spent a lot of time at Christmas looking for clay earrings… and hadn’t seen any” said Haasdyk, “and I thought, I could totally make those.” 

Where there is a want, there’s a product – but in Haasdyk’s case, she would be the one to bring that vision to life in her community.

Trial and error occurred until she cracked the code and created the perfect formula for her designs. 

“I have come a long way,” emphasized Haasdyk. When she opened up her product to friends and family the result was, “earring spam.” With support from her Saskatchewan-based family and co-workers in Calgary, Haasdyk’s dream is now expanding.

Throughout it all, Haasdyk’s husband, Michael, has been a key supporter: “He always encourages me to try new things and he often helps me with some of the assembly of the earrings.”

Where did the name Lemondrop come from? It was actually a dual effort between Haasdyk and a friend from work. Haasdyk’s favourite colour is yellow, so she suggested something involving lemons and her friend responded, “Lemondrop?” Lemon juice is sticky, and so, it was here to stay.

While maintaining a focus on clay earrings, this has not prevented Haasdyk from broadening her Lemondrop collection in the direction of hair clips and lanyards – and people love them. “I usually walk around my school and see my co-workers wearing my earrings and lanyards and I am just so appreciative of them,” said Haasdyk.

As a full-time teacher, junior high volleyball coach, and soon to be mother, Haasdyk finds it challenging to find a balance. 

“I really enjoy sitting down and creating new things,” said Haasdyk, “I don’t really know how being a mom is going to change my business but I am excited to see what the future brings for Lemondrop!”

When COVID was at its first high point, Haasdyk found her new hobby to be the perfect way to pass the time. She was able to build up quite the collection and to really think about her designs.

Due to COVID, art shows have largely been cancelled; however, Haasdyk sells some of her products through a local shop in her neighbourhood that features some local Calgary artists –ask her about it! 

Haasdyk has a website ( and Facebook page dedicated to her collection, however, she maintains that the best way to stay updated and to see her work is through Instagram: @lemondroplocal. 

For online orders, she currently has a $2 flat rate for shipping, so go ahead and spoil yourself, your friend, or your loved one, all while supporting this talented entrepreneur and her growing family.

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