Doing what you love is worth your time

why would we bother playing the instrument when we can just take photos of it so we can pretend we know how to? sarah nakonechny

being successful is not a synonym for giving up the things you enjoy.

Going back to doing the things that we once loved can be a hard and challenging thing to do. We may be worried that we will not love them in the same way or that there are more important things that we should be doing with our time now. I am definitely guilty of thinking this and being trapped in the mindset that there are much more important things that I should be doing with my time than the hobbies I once enjoyed partaking in.

After graduating from high school, I had almost completely stopped doing the things that I had loved doing on a regular basis. I went from playing in two music groups to none at all. Once upon a time I used to read novels for enjoyment often and now I’m unable to finish a book in less than four months if it isn’t assigned by a class. Eventually I even stopped playing the sports that I loved because it seemed unreasonable to have that dedicated time spent away from something that would be “more practical” in my life.

Instead of continuing to make time and space for the things I enjoyed partaking in I started to do things that I considered to be more useful. This included working more, keeping up with current research, and working towards building a competitive CV for future applications.

Now, this is all fine and dandy and will be great for future applications and opportunities that I want to try my hand at applying for. However, what made me realize that this is actually a huge problem is when I was asked what I do in my spare time for fun and I realized that I no longer had an answer that was truthful. I could tell people that I once enjoyed playing music or reading, and I still do, but it was not something that I participated in at that time. Can you state something as a hobby if it has been years since you’ve last done it?  

After that unexpected wake up call, I changed my approach to how I choose to utilize my time. As a result, I was not only able to pick up some of my older hobbies again, but I was also able to try some new ones as well. Realizing that it is important to take time for the things I enjoy, I ensure that I have time throughout my week to take part in the things that I enjoy doing – whether that reading, music, fitness, or photography.            

You can see that some of these interests are new to my life. It has been very exciting to be at the stage in my life where I can try out new ideas and hobbies and not feel conscious about myself. It is fine that I may not look like the “type” to enjoy the gym and it is also fine that the photos that I have taken are not the best either. Trying to remember that I do not have to be the best to enjoy something is something that always pops up.

Why did I tell you all of this? I want to get you thinking about the things that you used to do that you loved while also thinking about new things that you have maybe wanted to try and were next able to. There are a million more reasons as to why you should continue with your hobbies and enjoy all that they have to offer.


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