Descalso’s big move


Regina pop-rockers plan to pack their bags and move to Montreal after the release of new album

Paul Bogdan
A&C Writer

The Artesian
March 23
8:30 p.m.
$10 door; $20 door and CD

“It’s a lot faster and a lot cheaper,” said Descalso drummer Gaelan Malloy.

No, he’s not talking about the differences between microwave and stovetop popcorn; Malloy is talking about recording his band’s new album, On My Feet, which you can pick up at the release show at the Artesian on March 23.

“It’s live off the floor. We did some overdubs, but the bass and drums are all one take,” Malloy said. “Most of the guitar is, too, and a lot of the vocals are as well. It’s got a real nice groove to it.”

Malloy said Descalso chose to record the album live off the floor as opposed to tracking every part individually, which is a route many artists choose to record, because it makes for a more lively feel and the group was confident enough in their abilities to do so.

“We like to think of ourselves as a live band,” Malloy said. “We play really well live … It’s harder to get that feel or groove when you’re tracking it because you’re in different rooms at different times. If you’re tight enough to do it live, you can [record live] without it sounding bad.”

Despite the band’s praises of Regina, the Queen City can’t seem to curb Descalso’s appetite for success and they plan to relocate to Montreal this coming summer. Descalso takes what they do seriously and Malloy said this is their chance to “make it big.”

“It’s the music capital of Canada. None of us speak French, except for Cristian [Moya, guitarist/vocalist], so it’s kind of a weird place to go right away … [but] there’s a big music scene there … It’s an adventure as well,” Malloy said.

Montreal wasn’t the only place Descalso considered moving to. Malloy said the band also considered moving to Vancouver due to its music scene.

What then of Regina’s music scene? Is it possible to be a successful musician in the prairies? Notwithstanding his band’s decision, Malloy feels that musicians can be successful in Regina.

“There are a ton of good bands who’re doing really well in Regina … There’s nothing wrong with Regina,” Malloy said.

Nonetheless, he feels Descalso will be able to hit a larger fan base and play more shows in Montreal than in Regina. Malloy said people in Regina may become jaded to Descalso’s music and “if you play every weekend [in Regina], you lose hype.” The larger population will allow Descalso to play more shows to more people at more venues.

“[Montreal] is just bigger. There are more labels, more venues, a bigger crowd,” Malloy said. “There’s nothing wrong with Regina. [Montreal] is just a bigger location.”

Being a successful band is not only something that’s hard to attain, but also something that’s hard to define. What does success mean to Descalso?

“I don’t know. Every member has something different [in mind],” Malloy said. “For me, I’d like to play super big shows or get on a summer tour or festival, like those big shows in Europe where you see big flags and crowds of people. Once we get that, I’d consider that success.”

Malloy is unsure of how the move will impact Descalso’s music, but hopes that. if it does, it does so “positively.”

“Maybe we’ll add some more French lyrics,” Malloy chuckleds.

Between the On My Feet release show and the big move, Descalso’s main plans are to perform as often as it can before it leaves.

“We’ve played very little to gain some hype … after [the release] we’re going to try to play as much as possible,” Malloy said. “We’re playing in Saskatoon and we’re going to see if we can get some other out-of-town shows.”

As for their show on March 23 at the Artesian, Malloy encourages those attending to go early because he anticipates that “it’s going to pack up really quickly.”

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