The curious state of the cougars’ soccer team


author: nathan mccarville | sports writer

Effort is there, but results haven’t been showing/Arthur Images

Winless so far, where do the Cougars go from here?

The current 2017 season for the University of Regina Cougars women’s soccer team may seem to be a disappointment in its absence of wins. Currently, the Cougars soccer team is sitting at a season record of 0 wins, 6 draws, and 6 losses. The current record of 11 games absent of a win can seem demoralizing to fans and players alike, though it is important to look forward on the season onward rather than look back on what may seem to be an unsatisfactory season nearing the end of the soccer season.

So far this season, the Cougars have tied against the University of Manitoba Bisons (0-0), The University of Winnipeg Wesmen (1-1), UBCO (2-2), Mount Royal University (1-1), and most recently at the Cougars’ last home game against the University of Saskatchewan Huskies, where the final score was 1-1. The teams that the Cougars have lost to are the Thompson Rivers University Wolfpack (1-0), the University of Lethbridge Pronghorns (2-1), University of Alberta Pandas (2-1), the University of Saskatchewan Huskies (1-0), and two crushing defeats by the University of Calgary Dinos (4-0), and Trinity University Spartans (5-0).

So far in the season the Cougars have shown their ability to fight for their place on the field in their ability to get draws, but have yet to show themselves as having the ability to win and become the victors of the pitch.

In the most recent home game played on the U of R field against the Huskies, the Cougars showed themselves as capable of putting up a fight for a win, though in the ending minutes of the game the result showed itself to be a tie. The game itself was filled with an excitement conjured by numerous near misses and as many near goals in the cougars unrelenting and energetic style of play. The efforts of the Cougars proved to not be fruitless this game, number 23, Kyra Vibert, took the opportunity in front of the Huskies goal and scored in the 72nd minute of the game, offering an exciting spectacle and a reinvigorated sense of hope in that particular game.

However, the Cougars soccer team has been unable to win over the duration of the season, the season is not totally at a loss due to the Cougars ability to tie games. The Cougars soccer team have shown themselves to be a presence on the field and to be as good as their opponents on most accounts this season. This fact lends some hope to the possibility of the Cougars being able to achieve a better position in the league over the remainder of the season by taking whatever opportunities they can on the field and maintaining their efforts. However they are able to achieve this, whether it is through modifications to their style, strategy, or drilling and practice, the fate of the cougars soccer team is still to be decided in the remaining games of the 2017 season.

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