Cult classic gets a new look


Local theatre company reinterprets The Rocky Horror Show

Jen Squires

For the past few years, those looking for something out of the ordinary on Halloween night have been able to attend productions of the cult-classic musical The Rocky Horror Show. This year is no exception.

Local theatre company Whatstheword is putting on the show this year, after learning that Do It With Class decided to take a break from producing the show.

Mike Still, the producer and director of The Rocky Horror Show says “We noticed that Do It With Class wasn’t doing Rocky Horror this year and people have become accustomed to that being their Halloween tradition and we’re fulfilling that need.”

The cast began rehearsing in late September, so this has been a really quick process for them. The show is going to be a raw and unpolished production, but that’s what Still has intended it to be.

“The choreography and dialogue has all been shopped and worked with and there’s a lot of improvisation.

Still believes that there is something about The Rocky Horror Show that is very different from every other musical. It draws people in because it’s “about hedonism, it’s about giving in to your id.”

People expecting to see a traditional production of the play or film are going to be sorely disappointed, as Still and the rest of the cast have re-interpreted the characters.

“We’re playing with our interpretations of the characters,” explains Still. “Our Riff Raff is wearing emo clothes and our Columbia is a tall blonde. It’s the same motivations, just a different look.”

Audience participation in the show is expected and encouraged. There will be participation kits on sale supplying all of the necessary Rocky Horror participation items including newspapers, rice, and toast. There are also several usherettes whose purpose is to give the show a midnight movie feel. The usherettes help with the jokes and interact with the audience, especially during the “Time Warp” segment of the play.

Audiences are encouraged to come dressed in costume, whether they’re dressed as their favorite Rocky Horror character or in a traditional Halloween costume. In the spirit of the show, there will be a drag show before the play with three categories: guys dressed girls, girls dressed as guys, and girls dressed as guys dressed as girls.

The Rocky Horror Show is playing for two nights only on Oct. 30 and 31. Both shows start at 9:00 at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum theatre. Tickets cost $20 and are available at Tramps, Vintage Vinyl, Bach and Beyond, and at the door.

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