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author: quinn bell | a&c writer

Regina’s number one art gallery / Jeremy Davis

Changes are a-coming

A lot can be understood about a place just by looking at its name. Swift Current has a speedy creek running through it, Winter-peg is cold all year round, and Moose Jaw is… well, Moose Jaw is an exception to the rule. 

This isn’t true only of cities, either, but also of their best (and worst) business. Like how Taco Time means “It’s time for tacos!” or how SaveOn Foods means “You’ll save on food if you don’t shop here.” A more shining Regina example is Craft Services Café, a sweet new food/art-space housed in the MacKenzie Art Gallery. There’s a lot to be said of the place and of its name. 

The name Craft Services” onours perhaps the most important part of a film’s production: the snack station. On a set, Craft Services is responsible for providing nourishment to everyone involved in production. The cafe’s website calls this area “the center of a film set’s social scene” as well as “the great equalizer [where] the stars mingle with the lighting crew, and the director grabs the same snacks as the assistants.” This is a really beautiful image: Craft Services, honouring its name, is “a place where people meet, where all are equal.” I certainly feel that way whenever I go in there. Everyone is so warmly welcomed and made to feel as comfortable as possible throughout their whole visit. 

Breaking the name down a bit more, it’s clear to see that Craft Services lives up to the“service part of its name. The baristas at this cafe go beyond what is usually expected in the industry. While a good cup of coffee can really boost the mood, having a barista who puts in every effort to make sure you’re being well taken care of is a real treat. They’re all just 150 per cent so nice, and genuinely want you to enjoy your life. 

At the same time, the food and drinks made at the cafe are indeed a craft — an art. The impressive latte and cortado designs always bring a smile to my face, especially in how effortless they make it look. The food and baking too is all quite wonderful. The tasty rotating pies always catch my eye, and the daily soups I’ve tried have been rich and delicious (AND healthy!). Though the biscuits might be a bit small, you can always buy a nice scone instead. 

The lattes aren’t the only art on display. Being in an art gallery, it’s only natural that Craft Services is also a meeting and exhibition space for artists. Currently, there’s some funky sound art and sculpture on display by Bill Burns.  

Everything has been great so far. 10/10, I love the place. But woah, if there’s one beef I have with Craft Services it’s that WALL. If you’ve been there, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Wow, it really makes everyone who walks by it sick. I once saw some girls snapping photos in front of it and the photographer had to bend over and rub her eyes for a hot minute. I swear she had to catch up with reality, almost like coming down from a bad trip. It’s just so bright and colourful, it makes people woozy.  

In the end, I’ll admit that the wall actually really suits the space. And, of course, watching people interact with it is pretty amusing. I’m very happy for Craft Services Café. You’ve been warned about the wall and that I might have eaten all the pie by the time you go in to visit, but I hope you get to enjoy the experience for yourself someday soon. 

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