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Local writers on fire

There’s no writer quite like a Saskatchewan writer. I mean, really, is there anything better than picking up a book by a local author, snuggling up on the coach, and enjoying the rich narrative and complex characters? Well, how about a book by two local authors. With that in mind, I was very lucky this past month to get in touch with two extremely talented writers, Angie Counios and David Gane. Both of exhibit a natural bond that finds its way into their writingAs well, they have formulated a wonderous series filled with mystery, twists and turns, and a unique take on familiar genre.
The series in question is the Shepherd and Wolfe set of mystery novels, which follows the adventures of Tony Shepherd and Charlie Wolfe. One’s a wise-cracking wise ass, and the other’s Tony Shepherd. I only joke, of course, as both of these characters bring something quite unique to the series. I won’t give away any spoilers, but I can definitely say that you won’t be disappointed by them.
That being said, don’t take it from me that these are exciting reads; you can hear about it from the authors themselves. Asking them how their work began, Angie Counions had this to say about it:  

“Well I’m a high school teacher, so we had taken a script and decided to turn it into a novel. So, we do the outline like we always do, and then I go off to start working on it and then I come back from a meeting and Dave says ‘what do you think?’ and I say ‘To be honest, I don’t know if I really like it’ and Dave says, ‘Yeah, thank God, me too.’ So, then we got rid of it and we started with our villain from book one.”  

David then continued to explain the starting point of the series.  

“So, we knew we wanted a serialized book series, so that we could maybe build up an audience as we wrote. We knew that murder mystery was something we were interested in as a genre. So, then we had the killer and then we needed two individuals, and Angie knew two individuals that fit Tony and Charlie’s description, but the other stuff like chasing serial killers was added by us later on.”
So, despite some early bumps in the road, Angie and David were able to finally the get the product that they sought after in regard to a murder mystery series. There was more to come, however, as the murder mystery series David and Angie created found its way into the award circuit. Their series of novels has found great success in numerous departments, which can be seen here: 

Nominated  Saskatchewan Book Awards 2019  Young Adult Literature Award 

Saskatchewan Book Awards  Winner 2017  First Book Award 

Moonbeam Winner 2017 Gold  Best First Book  Chapter Book 

Finalist for 2017 Young Adult  High Plains Book Awards 

Moonbeam Winner 2017 Silver  Young Adult Fiction – Horror/Mystery

When asked about how they felt in regard to the nominations and wins, Counios had this to say: 

“My answer is, our friends are awesome. They read our books, they’re great, they love them, they’re kind, our friends and our people. But then the industry says good job and we’re, like, ‘Okay, we’re definitely on the right path.  So yes, the recognition is appreciated. However, let’s say there was no recognition; we still have a job to do, which is to finish telling the story. So, for me, the accolades are just a bonus. That was gravy to help keep publishing. But, let’s say no more awards come. Were still going to finish telling the Shepherd and Wolfe series. Aren’t we? with David jokingly answering, “Once it’s done, I’m outta here.
Some nice answers to take in, as well as something to look on for future authors when one boils it down. Awards are nice, but make sure to finish telling your story. Words to live by honestly.
The awards aside, though, the last thing I asked the two about was if the Shepherd and the Wolfe series was done after the trilogy was completed.  

David answered with, There’s two more on the way”  

If you wish to purchase their books, there are hard copies available, as well as purchase options on their website


Check out some of their works at the links below:

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