Cougars women’s soccer on season far

Look sharp, aim sharper. Trevor Hopkins

An interview with two players on the season so far, and which teams they’re most excited to face off against

The University of Regina women’s soccer team has started up their season for 2022 and have played four games so far. Some games have ended with a successful win, some have ended with a tie, other games with a loss. To get you a full insight of feelings about this upcoming season, we did an interview with Grace Miller and Shayla Lukey to fully read into what they hope to see this upcoming season.

Miller is a fourth-year player, and plays the position known as midfield. She is from Kamloops, BC, and has played previously in Thompson Okanagan FC. Her experience with the Cougars involved 645 minutes on the field while scoring 3 goals and 4 assists in the season of 2021. Lukey is a second-year player in the forward position and came from Saskatoon playing in the Junior Huskies soccer team. With her first official season in 2021 during peak COVID, she saw 137 minutes of action on the field. Let’s get to know these two players and their feelings on this season thus far!

Your season has just begun, and this past weekend was Prospect Camp. Can you tell our readers about this camp?

Miller: So, our prospect camp. […] This is where a bunch of girls come together who want to come play university soccer. They come have a weekend with the Cougars that involves games, training sessions, classroom work with coaches, […] all of us girls got to be a part of it and make it a special part for their weekend. […] We finished our weekend with signing up our new recruits.

Lukey: This is a way for young girls to show off their soccer skills as a player to coaches and be recruited to join us as a team, understand our team culture, get a taste of what the Cougars are all about. […] Something for the girls to look up to each year!

Now that the team is all together, how do you feel about the season coming up now that you have played a couple of games?

Miller: Excited for this season, especially with Asher being the new official head coach. Plus, a whole new coaching staff with her. […] Our team has a whole lot of energy and dedication, so I am very excited!

Lukey: We have such a big roster, […] which brings in so many different personalities, playing styles, to play with and play off of. This is something exciting to work together as a team and reach a common goal.

The previous games that have happened thus far all have a variety of different scores. How is your team approaching and evaluating these games to see an overall difference in the future?

Miller: There is always something to learn from and we really value that as a team. We are always looking where we can become better, where we can improve.

Lukey: We don’t really look down on losses, […] more of a learning opportunity to push ourselves for the next weekend. We watch videos to see what was successful, [which] gives the opportunity for growth.

What team are you most looking forward to playing personally, and can you explain why?

Miller: Playing UBCO for me, this is my hometown. In my last year I get to have all my family and friends come and watch me play. I am looking forward to playing them. Plus, it is early in the season, so I still think we have a lot of energy, […] and a road trip is always lots of fun. Plus, the team as a whole is looking forward to it which is exciting as well.

Luckey: Playing U of S. This is where I am from. I played with lots of players, the coaches coached me when I was younger. […] As well the whole team, not even the ones that are playing can travel with us which creates a fun opportunity.

The Cougars Soccer team seems to be looking forward to the season, and are working through their games, win or loss. Get excited for them to show off what they have learned this year!


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