Cougars softball team takes home bronze from the CCSA National Championship


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a strong showing by the sluggers in green/Courtesy, U of R Cougars Softball

Cougars win the World Series of our hearts

The University of Regina women’s softball team has won a bronze medal at the 2017 Canadian Collegiate Softball Association (CCSA) National Championship. The championship, which was hosted in Ottawa this year, recently ended on October 7. The Cougars who were able to make it through the majority of the championship in dominating form unfortunately lost to the University of Saskatchewan Huskies in the semi-final match up. The Cougars had rebounded well in the bronze medal game, defeating the Durham College Lords 9-0.

The end of the CCSA National Championship saw the winner of the championship as the Western University Mustangs out of the eight teams that qualified to attend and compete in the CCSA National Championship. The Mustangs were able beat the University of Saskatchewan Huskies in the final round, the Huskies attaining a second place position over the tournament.

After returning home Nancy Krismer from Cougar Softball team sat down with the Carillon about her experience during the championship.

“No matter the outcome I’ll be proud of this team. We work and succeed as a team and when one person falls, you know there’s going to be fourteen girls and an amazing coaching staff behind her to catch her.”

“The environment our team had was so overpowering and really set the mood for our games; there wasn’t a moment when our bench was quiet, and everyone played their roles on and off the field. When we stepped out of the vehicle that’s when we buckled down and focussed on the games ahead of us but still had our laughs and joking moments.”

With the impeccable record that the Cougars Softball team has gotten over the season, 22 wins, 1 tie, and 1 loss, the University of Regina’s team has already qualified and entered into the 2018 CCSA National Championship which is set to be held in Saskatoon at the University of Saskatchewan by the Huskies, who currently hold the runner up silver medal in the championship. The University of Regina softball team has attended the CCSA National Championship for the past 5 years, which will make their 2018 attendance the 6th year running that the Cougars will maintain their presence at the tournament. In 2015, the Cougars Softball team was able to get fifth place out of the eight teams in the championship, but in 2016 they were able to get third place, bringing home bronze like this past year.

In regard to being part of the team for the 6th year that the cougars will be a part of the tournament, Krismer said, “We’re all excited to be competing again, and competing at such a high level with a team like ours. It’s an unforgettable experience. We’re all working towards one goal and we have the ability to get to the championships, and now we’re just waiting until it’s our time to finally capture the gold medal and come out [of the tournament] on top. Coming so close each year will only make winning that much sweeter.”

a strong showing by the sluggers in green /Courtesy, U of R Cougars Softball

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