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Indoor is always better than out / Arthur Ward

Cougar host 16th annual cross-country event

The Cougars cross country team has just recently competed the 16th annual Cougar trot on September 15. Held at Wascana park, the Cougars were able to get first place on the men’s side when Greg Hetterly finished the men’s 8k race with a time of 26:02.88. The second place finisher was a whole 25 seconds behind Hetterly, fellow Cougar Brayden Mytopher finishing with a time of 26:28.38. He was followed by another Cougar, Marc Turmel, who finished the 8k with a time of 26:53.32.  

Occupying the first three places of the race, the Cougars cross country team had a great start to their 2018 season on their men’s side, followed in fourth by a member of the Jaleta Pacers with a time of 27:05.75. Filling 7 of the 17 spaces in the men’s side of the Cougar Trot, the Cougars were able to occupy the first 10 spots with Cougars Greg Hetterly (1st), Brayden Mytopher (2nd), Marc Turmel (3rd), Quinn Legare (5th), Matthew Johnson (6th), Alexander McBride (9th), and Jacob Smith (10th).  

The competitors on the women’s side of the Cougar trot ran a 6k race instead. The first-place finisher, Courtney Hufsmith from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon and current holder of the Saskatchewan records for the 1500m and 3000m races, finished the 6k race with a time of 21:06.78. The most promising finisher on the women’s side for the Cougars competing in the trot was Kaila Neigum who finished the race with a time of 23:10.50. Third-place finisher, Hillary Mehlhorn, finished close behind Cougar Neigum with a time of 23:12.56. Five Cougars competed on the women’s side of the friendly competition, including Kaila Neigum (2nd), Tianna Dodds (4th), Kaylee Tymo (5th), Darbi Edwards (7th), and Robyn Ham (8th), all coming within the first 8 spots of the final resultants. Though the women’s side of the competition offered a closer rivalry between athletes, often having differences in finishing times within 5 seconds rather than the wider discrepancies in times seen in the men’s side of the trot.  

While not competing against any sizeable amount of national rivals, the Cougar trot has shown the readiness of the Cougars cross country team and presents a small taste of what is to come from the club in terms of competitions.  


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