Commuting without a vehicle

Won’t have to worry about that expired meter if you take the bus. Sonali Currie

Options for getting around Regina when owning a car isn’t one 

by sonali currie, contributor

It’s that time of the year again – the white winter landscape that starts to develop sometime around early to mid-October and stays till about the end of April each season. Winter brings with it numerous activities such as skiing, curling, and ice fishing along with a variety of celebrations like Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years for those who choose to celebrate. 

To embrace winter, staying warm and commuting are two essential survival techniques to master. Here are useful options for commuting both within and outside the city during the winter months.

Public transit can be the most consistent and reliable form of transportation within the city. Public transit requires passengers to have a bus pass or bus fare in lieu of individually commuting between different locations. University of Regina students have access to subsidized bus passes available each semester which is highly beneficial during the winter. The website of the public transit in Regina called TransitLive provides real time information to commuters about bus timings and routes. The map also includes the locations where roads are blocked due to construction or other mishaps if there are any. The public transit system has also included on-demand bus stops at specific locations. It is interesting to know that if a person is unable to get to a designated bus stop due to bad weather conditions, a palm-out hand waving signal is all it takes to stop an upcoming bus, regardless of whether the spot is a bus stop.

Carpooling is another option for those looking for something other than public transit. The extent of carpooling options depend on the networking circle of a person. Various workplaces, culture clubs, or social media groups like Regina Rides allow people to request or reply to carpooling options for any transportation requirements. The degree to which carpooling options are viable depends on the level of trust and reliability people share amongst themselves. Sometimes generous strangers agree to offer a ride to a person waiting for transport on a cold winter evening.

An easy-to-access commute alternative is cabs that are available at the click of button on your cell phone. Uber, which is one of the highly used transportation apps, arrived in Regina in 2019. Other cab service companies include Co-Op Taxi, Regina Cabs, and Capital Cabs to name a few. These cabs can be easily booked with a phone call, and on most occasions offer great service. Cabs are pricier than public transit and carpooling options, but nevertheless serve as a handy way to get around the city in winter.

Some people also travel back and forth outside the city for work or pleasure during the winter. On such occasions intercity bus and shuttle services are useful. Rider Express is an intercity bus service provider that allows users to book rides to cities like Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Winnipeg among other locations. Bookings can be made by calling their office or through apps like Busbud. For commuting between different cities, it is advisable to book in advance and follow up with the service provider to know about any changes in schedule or route.

Winter can be tough without a personal vehicle –  but on the flipside, with the options explored above, commuting either alone or in a group can turn out to be an exciting and adventurous journey.


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