Clowns are no laughing matter


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Clown craze hits Regina

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and it seems like for many in Regina, clowns are the last type of costume they would want to see at their doorstep come Oct. 31. Starting in the United States and now quickly making its way into Canada, the clown epidemic is continuing to be a problem. From an outsider perspective, this may seem like nothing to be concerned over. However, if you have been on social media, you know it is more dangerous than it may seem.

Over the course of the past few months, people around North America have been dressing up as clowns and parading up and down streets wielding weaponry in hopes to give people a good scare. However, this isn’t a problem that has been only popping up in October. Clowns have been an issue throughout the summer months as well, especially down in the United States. Videos have been surfacing of encounters on hiking trails, highways and even residential streets or college campuses.

Evan Bray, who was announced as Regina’s new chief of police, explained to CBC Saskatchewan that “this is causing concern in a number of communities. It’s one thing to dress up for Halloween, but that’s several weeks away.”

Dressing up as a clown and witnessing one are both equally dangerous. A popular video hovering around online is a cell-phone video of Penn State college students forming a mob to go on a “clown hunt” to capture a clown reportedly sighted in the area.

There are also videos of speeches given by students before beginning their hunt. On the opposing side, many of these clowns have been wielding weapons such as kitchen knives, machetes, and guns, amongst other forms of weaponry, which prove equally as dangerous to innocent passersby.

“Let’s not make dumb decisions,” Evan Bray tells CBC Saskatchewan. “I would hope people would use their head.”

Staying safe from clowns is something many Regina citizens are wanting to learn more about. The Regina police spokesperson, Elizabeth Popowich told the Leader-Post that “as police begin their usual Halloween safety talks to schools, they will be factoring ‘creepy clowns’ into their presentations.”

The simple answer to stay safe is that upon seeing a clown, walk the other way. Taking out your phone to record a video is not the safest option if it’s brandishing weaponry. Twitter accounts such as @ClownSightings have even been reporting on where clowns have been spotted, including pictures or videos taken to encourage people to stay safe and to get away from potentially dangerous areas.

With Halloween rapidly approaching, it is important that people are aware of any potential dangers come Halloween night. Being aware and avoiding dangerous areas are the greatest means for staying out of trouble and staying safe. Be alert, be aware, and report any suspicious or dangerous activity. Doing so will keep everyone safe and allow a happy Halloween and October for all. At the end of the day, it is clear that this is no laughing matter.

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