CD Review – The David Liberty Band: Objects in Mirrors


The David Liberty Band
Objects in Mirrors
The Freudian Slip Inc.

“Hey, have you seen my 800-pound gorilla?"

That’s the first line from “Monkey See Monkey Do,” the limping finish of the David Liberty Band’s latest album Objects in Mirrors. It’s also one of the few moments of lyrical invention of any kind to be found on the disc.

Liberty has some topical concerns, including rampant materialism, the environment, and the general direction the human race is headed in. How he deals with those is summed up well by “War,” a late-album track featuring a collection of aphorisms and sayings like “home is just a state of mind” and “you can lead a man to water, but you can’t teach him to drink.”

As much as Liberty might be trying some consciousness-building on his audience, his lyrical approach is tired, even for the standard modern rock music that’s backing it. Some of the arrangements are competent, but that’s about as far as Objects in Mirrors goes.

On his website, Liberty says, “The greatest gift anyone could give me is inspiration, and my gift back to them would be a song.” He seems to think his lyrics can create positive change, but first he needs to go through them with a red pen, crossing out every saccharine and clichéd sentiment.

James Brotheridge

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