CD Review – No Age: Everything in Between


No Age
Everything in Between
Sub Pop

Ever wondered what happened to the anarchist punk rock kids from high school? They grew up. Everything in Between is the epitome of grown up punk. Never losing the ideals of punk rock on the album, No Age adds precision and depth to their sound as well as clearer, more pronounced lyrics that attack adult issues instead of focusing on the actions of their hoodlum “Teen Creep” selves.

A major change in No Age’s sound comes from Randy Randal’s guitar: it has now become a backbone to the songs, leading them rather than giving them a giant mosh-style shove. Dean Sprunt’s drums are melodic and celebratory, and not an intimidating barrage of noise. The new sound doesn’t weaken No Age. It shows a mastering and control of the classic No Age chaos that is still very present on the record. As the album develops, the layers become more intricate and intoxicating, finally ending with a prog-rock build up in the final track, “Chem Trails”.

The Colt 45s of punk rock have aged into a beautiful Scotch on the new No Age, and it’s time for a grown-up intoxication. A follow up to their epic NOUNS, Everything in Between has No Age showing that they can develop and master the sound of the neo-garage rock revival while staying true to themselves.

Kelly Malone

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