CD Review: Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest


Halcyon Digest

Within the first thirty seconds of turning of the first track of this record my months of anticipation were finally appeased and I finally could be happy.

The fourth full length album by Deerhunter, Halcyon Digest strips down the sounds of their previous albums into a dreamy cascade of pure musical devotion. The album appears to have no cohesive direction and yet is full of thought; an unimaginable parallel between the planned and the spontaneous coexist effortlessly through out the entire album. Lyrically, front man Bradford Cox takes us through dreamy life questions to lovely farewells based on prostitution stories. 

The final song on the record “He would Have Laughed” is dedicated to the late, great Jay Reatard, and truly translates an entire fan base worth of sadness. Although all songs are exceptional, the tracks “Revival” and “Helicopter” stand out. “Helicopter” has the ambience that allows you to float with Cox as the fuzzed out water drops and electro acoustic guitar brings you into the vagueness of a Dennis Cooper story.

The excitement and sadness that subsists in our memories is spoken in a simple and engulfing way on Halcyon Digest. When the album was over—like in movies where a character has a near death experience and their life flashes before their eyes—I felt in each song a moment, a feeling, and a time in my life.

Kelly Malone

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