Carillon staff attempt QVN’s Spooky Hike

Oh, you just lost cell coverage too? I’m sure we’ll be fine… Oliver Guhr via Unsplash

What could possibly go wrong while walking uphill on wet leaves in the dark?

So, as everyone knows, Halloween season has just passed. The way you celebrated may have consisted of carving pumpkins, decorating your homes, getting dressed up, going trick-or-treating, and most likely eating one too many candies. The usual seems like a good standard every year, but let’s say this year you wanted to try something different like going on a spooky hike…

You’re in luck! This hike, which takes place just outside of Lumsden, is a great idea for you and your friends or family to enjoy together. The description on their Facebook page, QVN’s Hallowe’en Choose you Own Adventure Hike, reads: “We will have two Hallowe’en-themed adventure tales set up on the trails. One is a shorter adventure, the story is less spooky, and it’s suitable for younger participants or those who are more hesitant to find out what goes ‘bump’ in the night. The other is a longer adventure, there are more graphic descriptions, and it’s suitable for older participants or those who like the thrill of a chilling tale. Choose the adventure you want to take.” Sounds like a great time, right? 

I thought so, as did some other Carillon staff members, so we bought some tickets. Normally when you buy a ticket online you get a confirmation email containing your ticket and maybe directions to the events – we did not, which seemed concerning. Friday night came along, and we got in a car and tried to get in the Halloween spirit. By the end of the night, we’d absolutely succeeded.

We drove to Lumsden and had no idea where we were going, because when you search up the location it takes you to the middle of the town of Lumsden, which makes even finding the parking lot a challenge. Imagine this: the event started at 7 pm at the end of October, and it’s a spooky hike, which makes you think you should do it at nighttime or at least dusk. If so, good luck finding your way in the dark!

Let’s start this hike. You drive to the parking lot and come towards the head of the trail where you find some information like maps and guided tours of where you should be heading. You head down a hill, but keep in mind it may already be dark outside. It was for us, and about five minutes into the walk someone in our group said “why are we walking towards murder right now?” You read that right, folks, it was scary already at point one. As you keep walking and take a slight turn, you come up towards the ski shack. Don’t be fooled by it seeming like just a ski shack – we got scared by just our reflections in the windows.

From this point in the hike, we’re pretty sure things stay simpler to find and follow, or at least they did for as long as we continued. We did not finish the entire hike because it was really dark, and we thought for safety reasons it was time to head back. Regardless, that group and I are sure that it was a great idea, and would be fun for families to enjoy providing you don’t head out too late. Whether this year or in events like this in the future, we want to make sure our readers are being safe. When you go on your own spooky hike, try to make sure you go during the day – or at least make sure that you’ll be back to your vehicle by night fall – and take the kids along as well!


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