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A Capricornucopia of sign-based study suggestions!

In the astrological world, it’s currently what we call “Pisces season” – that is, the time of year (February 18th to March 20) when the sun is traveling through the constellation Pisces’ area of the sky.

This means that people born during this period will be Pisces suns, and that Pisces and its energy is going to have an influence on our lives for the next little while – you know, if you believe in that sort of thing. If you do believe in that sort of thing, you should know that things are probably going to get kind of emotional, reflective, and spacey for about a month. Given the circumstances of quarantine, that sounds about right. Even if you don’t go in for the stars, you should watch out for those tendencies. Make sure your self-contemplation and deep feelings are serving and refreshing you, not dragging you into a dreamworld you can’t escape.

To me, astrology (a hobby of mine; don’t tell my Rabbi) isn’t about making predictions for the future, or being prescriptionist about the way reality is. Rather, astrology is about using a system of symbols and patterns to reflect upon (not predict) ourselves, our lives and our relationships. It’s not that we can’t do this without using the planets and stars as an excuse. But sometimes, the language of astrology forces us to look at areas of life we wouldn’t have considered before.

Astrology is very much about throwing things at a wall and hoping they stick. So, just for fun, I’m going to take a crack at writing some horoscopes, specifically horoscopes about quarantine, and how your daily life or study habits in quarantine might be affected by your sun sign. Again, these aren’t predictions or prescriptions. What they are is suggestions, and regardless of your sign, all these suggestions might have some helpful input for you.

Aries: If you’re an Aries sun, it’s possible that being inside all day during quarantine and remaining stagnant is making you lose your damn mind. Maybe you’re engaging in a lot of highly stimulating hobbies to entertain yourself. It’s in your nature to be active and focused, so try getting outside and moving if you can, or finding a way to incorporate action and drive into your day – even a definite set of goals can help with this. When you do stuff, you do it in a powerful way!

Taurus: It’s honestly a crime that we can’t all just spend the entire pandemic baking bread, petting cats and napping. I know you’ve been cozy as hell, and honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that; try merging business with leisure by making yourself an area to study or work in that has all the comforts you need. Blankets, tea, your favourite music and a pet being within arms reach might help you feel more at home when you get things done. Others could take a page from your book when it comes to being at peace with everyone’s need for rest.

Gemini: How many tabs do you have open on your computer/tablet/phone right now? There is really a whole entire internet, huh? Listen, there’s a LOT going on right now, and it’s hard to not want to consume, be a part of, and understand all of it. But we Geminis are going to get overwhelmed if we don’t narrow our focus a little bit. Try making to-do lists, and keeping in mind what is most important for YOU to participate in. Because where your energy goes, things will happen, even if for you it feels ad-libbed.

Cancer: Okay. Do not text your ex. Seriously, do not. The moon was in Cancer recently, so you may be feeling a little more emotional and stressed out than usual – but you can get through it! Take some baths, eat some ice cream, and keep a steady pace. You will feel more ready to take on the world soon enough, and I promise you are strong enough to come out the other side.

Leo: Take solace in the fact that you are likely a big positive in someone’s life right now, because good friends and study buddies are hard to find and you have a lot of great energy to spread around. That being said, your feelings matter too. Make sure you have someone to go to when you need to vent, and keep up your relationships with people who are good to you.

Virgo: There’s a lot of pressure for you, on a normal day, to “have it together” – but remember that right now, almost no one does. While it may seem impossible sometimes, go easy on yourself for being a little more disorganized than usual. Remind yourself of the accomplishments you’re still pulling off. They are there, knowing you. You just have to look.

Libra: I’m going to guess that it’s difficult for you right now to maintain your friend groups and your social life. Additionally, you might be going through some insecurities about your relationships, your appearance, and how things are all going to change after this is over. Trust in your own natural charm. The friends you deserve will stick with you through this, and even if you lose something by the time the quarantine ends, you have no problem finding new people to surround you. Promise.

Scorpio: A lot of us are falling into old habits and doing some reminiscing during our time alone, and this means we can be vulnerable to ruminating over the past. You might be feeling vulnerable to people slighting you, being treated unfairly – and this makes sense, as there’s a lot of unfairness in the world right now. Despite all that, try to assume the best in people. You are fiercely loyal to those you care about, and if you continue to have healthy standards, that will come back to you in a good way.

Sagittarius: You thrive on travel and new experiences, which means quarantine might be particularly hard for you. Try to channel this energy into exploring exciting topics in study or work, and putting passion into what you do. Avoid letting off steam by starting fights, getting into drama or going out to unsafe social events. Being too driven towards excitement can sometimes have a cost.

Capricorn: Much like Virgo, you should keep a list of the successes you’ve had over the past few months, and remind yourself of the evidence that you are still a dependable person who gets results. In the meantime, make sure you’re having authentic connections with people. Don’t get so caught up in “treading water” with school and work that you forget to show off your fun, non-professional side.

Aquarius: You may have been using quarantine as a time to try to search for some kind of personal significance; you’ve been searching for insight into your identity or your direction in life. My advice is that we are all adrift right now, and it’s okay if you feel like you don’t have any answers. Keep doing what you need to do to survive, and trust that answers will reveal themselves naturally. Most importantly, don’t isolate yourself!

Pisces: You are a dreamy and emotional sign in the best of times, but being cut off from the world is not helping this any. Avoid the temptation to sleep the day away and put some structure in your routine, including in that structure an outlet where you can express yourself. One thing that may be particularly nice for you is to keep a dream journal or write some good old-fashioned poetry in-between work and study.

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