Candidate Profile – Shawn Wiskar

Photo - Brett Nielsen

Photo – Brett Nielsen

News Writer Derek Cameron put questions about the University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU) to Vice-President Student Affairs candidate Shawn Wiskar. Here’s what he had to say:


DC: Why did you decide to run? 


SW: I decided to run for URSU because I felt that the URSU executive could better represent the student body on campus. I have spent the last two years as a resident on campus, and have heard the residents’ concerns. More than being a resident, I am actively involved in multiple groups on campus, and often there seems to be an uncertainty around the student’s union’s involvement with campus clubs. I hope to resolve issues and concerns of the students by voicing their opinions.


DC: What are your priorities within your position? 


SW: My priorities in this position are to address the concerns of the students and establish a precedent that the on-campus issues are addressed in a timely manner. Within my year in office, I hope to help extend the food service hours on campus, work to ensure residence prices stay low, and establish more study spaces on campus.


DC: What concrete goals will you pursue to ensure your priorities receive attention?


SW: I think the best way to establish these goals is to form strong partnerships with the different management groups of campus. Food services can be improved through establishing and voicing student concerns through meeting with student affairs and food services. Residence living rates can be worked on by meeting with residence services staff, and building a solid plan to help cap living rates. Finally, Facilities Management can help us use space on campus that is not being used for educational or useful purposes and transform it into more areas for students to work towards building up an education.


DC: Will you pursue changes to URSU? If so, what changes and why? 


SW: I think URSU needs to help the student body understand what they do as an executive. I would make it my mission to establish a public awareness of how URSU operates on campus.


DC: What are your wider priorities for URSU? 


SW: For URSU, I think that continuing to support students and clubs on campus is essential to being a successful executive. I also believe student advocacy is key to helping address students concerns.


DC: What role do you see for URSU outside the university community?


SW: Outside the University of Regina, URSU should represent Regina as a strong and well-represented student body. We need to show students across Canada that students in Regina are heard, and actions are established to fix the concerns.


DC: How do you think you can change URSU’s image as being “The Owl”? 


SW: URSU needs to establish itself as an organization that is multi-faceted and representative of student clubs and organizations on campus. The Owl is a place for all students to gather, and should be a hub of social activity.


DC: How will you ensure that students see their URSU fees working for them?


SW: URSU fees best work for students in the form of club funding and student activities. The student body best benefits from investments in their recreation, but also their education.

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