Calling all enraged parkers


U of R is to host a parking forum Friday for dissatisfied drivers

Martin Weaver
News Editor

After the Carillon first reported on the University of Regina’s parking problem this year, negative publicity followed from other media outlets across the city. In response to the media attention and student pressure, the university plans to host a forum to address the issue.

In the Sept. 8 issue of the Carillon, URSU president Kent Peterson voiced his concerns regarding the parking issue and increased parking fines for illegal parking.

Peterson feels the university could be doing alternate things to fix the parking shortage, such as organize carpool incentives and improve bus services to and from the campus.

On Sept. 9, the U of R parking issue was addressed on a national level, when Macleans wrote an article explaining the university oversells parking passes 25 per cent over the available capacity.

The administration acknowledged that there was a problem, but claimed increased fines would help deter illegal parking. It also said talks about improving public transit were underway with the city.

So, while both sides agree on the problem, the university is now turning to the students to try and find a solution.

The parking forum is scheduled for Friday, 1:30 p.m., in the Ad. Hum. pit.

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