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author: ethan butterfield a&c writer

Nowhere Left to Ghost is out March 25. | Photo credit Jeremy Sax.

The artist’s debut album is making early waves on the scene

I had a wonderful sit down interview with Brodie Moniker, a local Saskatchewan-based artist. For those who don’t know, Brodie is currently in the process of releasing a new album titled Nowhere Left to Ghost, led by single, “Push Play DJ,” and I must say, after taking a listen to it myself, I felt it was high time I had a face to face.

“Sometimes I think of music a lot as colours and different emotions, and stuff suits different kind of colours,” says Moniker. “Some songs to me will be like, you know if they’re angry and aggressive, they’ll feel red and then other songs when they’re…more emotive and introspective and introverted, they have more of a blue.”

The new album, Nowhere Left to Ghost, launches March 25.

“I think ‘ghost’ is quickly, if not already become one of the most overused words in popular music. So, to me, it’s a bit of a tongue-in-cheek, kind of laughing at myself with it,” he laughs.

The album’s art, featuring a layered analog photo of an artist collective home where Moniker spent a few years, also inspired the name.

“I think after a while it felt like you’re kind of haunting the same places, sometimes the same people, and you weren’t necessarily growing out of that. So this album is kind of a document of those times and putting it out is kind of a way of moving on from that part of my life I guess.”

Before our time was cut short by technical difficulties, Brodie told me about the new single, “Push Play DJ.”

“There was [sic] some people I was really close to and even in some cases myself, where, when you’re working in Saskatchewan, there’ll be opportunities…but there’s certain opportunities with music here that arise and you have to bend who you are a little bit to kind of accommodate them.” He continues, “ I think sometimes after you get some perspective on those things…that song itself is definitely about playing music in Saskatchewan and kind of letting Saskatchewan dictate who you are musically instead of being comfortable being outside of that.”

All in all, Brodie Moniker is an artist that everyone should look into checking out. His indie rock style is something that a large number of readers out there can definitely get into. If you’re not just interested in hearing the finished project and want to see a live performance, you can find him at the Telemiracle Fundraiser on Feb 24 at the Artful Dodger and at the Cloud 9 club on March 24 promoting the new album.

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