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Deadline day across the NHL, who's moving?

Deadline day across the NHL, who’s moving?

Merry Christmas, hockey fans.

Every year for me it’s the same thing on deadline day, wake up early and hope to god that there will be something of interest come deadline day.

This year, however, there has been some pretty distinctive wheeling and dealing before the deadline, unlike past years. In this blog I will be updating you throughout the day of the winners and losers of these deals as they happen. After all the pre-deadline dust settled, I came up with a few names of significance that could be on the move by the deadline.

Brady’s possible movers:

8. Tyler Bozak, TOR- Toronto wants to start their fire sale as soon as possible and Bozak is an interesting target. A young two way center that will be sought after on the trade market, but will Nonis pull the trigger?

7. Chris Stewart, BUF– A bruising power forward who just cant seem to find his right fit. Could he today? Minnesota

6. Jordan Eberle, EDM- Eberle would be the easiest player for the Oilers to part ways with with their long line of struggling prospects.

5. Mike Green, WSH- A puck moving defensemen that would get a solid return on an open market. Everyone has their price, right Washington?

4. Ryan O’Reilly, COL- O’Reilly has been linked to trade rumours constantly since he held out for a larger contract in Colorado. Could this be the day ROR is on the move?

3. John Bernier, TOR- Edmonton has reportedly kicked tires on possibly acquiring Bernier, yet Toronto is keeping quiet. No player is safe in Leafs nation, however.

2. Dion Phaneuf, TOR- Firesale. Leaf Land. Everyones up for grabs.

1. Phil Kessel, TOR- Am I getting repetitive? #Rebuild.

Moves of the day:

Montreal Acquires: Jeff Petry

Edmonton Acquires: 2nd round pick, 5th round pick (conditional)

Winner: Montreal, just due to the fact that Edmonton has to stop going around in circles and make a real deal rather then a million draft picks. Hopefully Edmonton can flip this second for something of worth.


Montreal Acquires: Brian Flynn

Buffalo Acquires: 5th round pick

Winner: Montreal, additions before the playoffs at the deadline are crucial and seeing them work on their depth so early on today is gravy if youère a fan of the Habs.


St. Louis Acquires: Zbynek Michalek, 3rd round pick (conditional)

Arizona Acquires: Max Letunov

Winner: Phoenix. Tanking is something that the Coyotes need to do, and they’re doing a damn good job at it.


San Jose Acquires: Ben Smith

Chicago Acquires: Andrew Desjardins

Winner: San Jose. Picked up a decent player, but looked like a change of scenery for both players.


Detroit Acquires: Marek Zidlicky

New Jersey Acquires: 3rd round pick

Winner: Detroit. Detroit needsmore depth and they’ve accomplised step one, working on their defense.


Islanders Acquire: Tyler Kennedy

San Jose Acquires: 3rdround pick (conditional)

Winner: Islanders, great insurance for injured forward Kyle Okposo. Kennedy has played in crucial roles for SJ.


San Jose Acquires: Karl Stollery

Colorado Acquires: Freddie Hamilton

Winner: Colorado, Hamilton is a solid prospect with more upside than Stollery. More change of scenery for these two players.


St. Louis Acquires: Robert Bertuzzo, 7th round draft pick

Pittsburgh Acquires: Ian Cole

Winner: Pittsburgh, I feel as if this helps them go farther in the playoffs with more defensive depth on the backend.


Islanders Acquires: Michael Neuvirth

Buffalo Acquires: Chad Johnson, 3rd round draft pick (conditional)

Winner: Islanders, Neuvirth is a great goaltender that needed a change of scenery (this is getting repetitive, isn’t it?), but this also gives Buffalo another loss for a McDavid or Eichel gain.


Vancouver Acquires: Cory Conacher

Islanders Acquire: Dustin Jeffery

Winner: Vancouver, I don’t understand why Conacher has been sent to the AHL or thrown in the NHL trash bin like he has been. Was realy impressive in Tampa Bay, hopefully he can elevate his play in Vancouver.


Minnesota Acquires: Jordan Leopold

Columbus Acquires: Justin Falk, 5th round draft pick

Winner: Columbus, Faulk is a young defenseman that will work well once Columbus becomes completely healthy- which wont happen for a while.


Toronto Acquires: Joakim Lindstrom, draft pick (conditional)

St. Louis Acquires: Olli Jokinen

Winner: Tie? I don’t get what either team got out of this one. A team like St. Louis needs a player that has playoff experience. That isn’t Jokinen.


Minnesota Acquires: Chris Stewart

Buffalo Acquires: 2nd round draft pick

Winner: Minnesota, the Wild are definitely geared for the post season now. Stewart gives them a top 6 forward, just what they need.


Pittsburgh Acquires: Ben Lovejoy

Anaheim Acquires: Simon Despres

Winner: Pittsburgh, getting back a veteran of your hockey club is going to give them crucial experience going into the playoffs.


Calgary Acquires: 2nd round draft pick

Vancouver Acquires: Sven Baertschi

Winner: Calgary, Give up, move on, Baertschi was a bust in Calgary, try again with that second round pick. Decent return on a player that has struggled in the spotlight.


Buffalo Acquires: Unnamed Prospect, TBA draft pick

Montreal Acquires: Torrey Mitchell

Winner: Montreal, Mitchell gives them more speed up front to compliment their forward core right now.


Columbus Acquires: 2nd round pick, William Karlsson, Rene Bourque

Anaheim Acquires: James Wisniewski, 3rd round draft pick

Winner: Anaheim, Wisniewski is just what they need, can I call an Anaheim/Rangers Stanley Cup final right now?


Anaheim Acquires: Korbinian Holzer

Toronto Acquires: TBA

Winner: Another D-man, see above #QuackPack


Well… That was something. We saw teams like Anaheim and the Islanders gear up for the playoffs, but other then that this trade deadline was overall pretty boring. The biggest name that went was arguable James Wisniewski to Anaheim. I batted 1/8 (.125) in my “possible movers” and the day seemed to move by slowly, but still steadily. After this all shakes down, I do honestly see an Anaheim and Rangers final- that wasn’t a joke.

So, there you have it! No more speculation, its time for playoff hockey!

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