Lesson number one: Betsy DeVos is a moron


author: mariam dini | contributor

Betsy DeVos

Credit: DonkeyHotey via Flickr

“DeVos won’t say guns shouldn’t be in or around schools because, you know, grizzly bears might attack.”

When Donald Trump set out to pick his Secretary of Education, he went ahead with the decision of picking a disaster – an individual who has no clue what they’re doing, just like him. Betsy DeVos, a billionaire philanthropist who lacks a university education and a public education is Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education.

DeVos has never run a school district or a public university, never taught in a public school or a college, nor served on a school board. DeVos made her name advocating for school vouchers, the idea of letting students use public money to attend private schools. DeVos is someone who views public schools as a failed system of education in need of demolishing. She is a nightmare, the opposite of what the Secretary of Education should be.

Aside from the obvious facts that make her unfit for the job, DeVos had some seriously embarrassing moments at her nominee hearing. First of all, DeVos couldn’t even answer the simple questions about the best way to measure a student’s performance. Senator Elizabeth Warren then fired some serious questions and highlighted DeVos’ lack of experience dealing with student loan programs in basically any way. DeVos has never taken out a loan, never had a child who has, and has no experience managing student loan programs. I mean, come on! The woman is filthy rich; I’m personally not too sure Betsy DeVos knows how student loan programs work. But, hey, that wasn’t the worst moment at her nomination hearing. The highlight of the hearing that made her a social media joke was when Senator Chris Murphy asked her if guns belonged in or around schools. DeVos’ absurd replies made many on social media, including myself, bust a gut laughing. To fully appreciate the unfit crazy woman, here’s the transcript (via Vox):


Murphy: Do you think guns have any place in or around schools?

DeVos: That is best left to locales and states to decide. If the underlying question is—

Murphy: You can’t say definitively today that guns shouldn’t be in schools?

DeVos: I will refer back to (Wyoming) Senator (Mike) Enzi and the school he was talking about in Wyoming. I think probably there, I would imagine that there is probably a gun in the schools to protect from potential grizzlies.


GRIZZLIES? Really? DeVos’ argument for having guns in schools is because of potential grizzly attacks in Wyoming. We all know that’s more than unreasonable.

All in all, to sum up the crazy, Betsy DeVos lacks university education and public education. DeVos has no experience running a public school or a public university, teaching in a public school or a college, or serving on a school board. DeVos won’t say guns shouldn’t be in or around schools because, you know, grizzly bears might attack. This is the person Donald Trump wants to be in charge of education in the United States of America. I’m personally not surprised; Trump is an idiot, the decision seems right up his alley.

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