Best and worst TV shows of 2011




This show started off with six people forming a group to study Spanish. Two and a half seasons in, the show’s become a lot more. If NBC ever puts Community back in its line-up, the show is sure to bring something hilarious. (#AbedIsBatmanNow, #SixSeasonsAndAMovie, etc.)

The Walking Dead

With the gross factor turned up all the way, the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse has never been more terrifying. Warning: never eat while watching this show. The rotting flesh of the living dead, with the addition of zombie heads constantly being bashed in or shot, is almost too much to handle on an empty stomach.


A show that started off as a case-of-the-week/monster-of-the-week show turned into a show about multiple universes, multiple timelines, time travel, and what people will do for the ones they love. The intriguing storylines make this underrated show extremely engrossing.

Sherlock (BBC)

The best small-screen adaptation of Holmes’ adventures yet. Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of the famous detective is as close to perfection as one could possibly get.


Haven’t you ever wanted to get a dream job without doing any of the work yet be perfectly capable to do the job? This show is about a college dropout becoming a lawyer at one of the biggest law firms in New York City without ever going to law school. Can you say, “Living the dream”?

Kristen McEwen


Terra Nova

Idea: A show about restarting civilization by going back in time to the prehistoric era. Will there be dinosaurs? Of course. Budget per episode: estimated $4 million. Status: Most likely cancelled. Result: Money plus Spielberg’s name does not necessarily equal quality television.


The show that makes everyone remember music existed before their generation. Plus, the story lines are terribly inconsistent. It seems like all characters on the show share some sort of short-term memory loss and any betrayal is completely forgotten by the next episode. Except for that pregnancy in the first season. No one seems to let that go. 

A Gifted Man

A wealthy doctor is haunted by his ex-wife, who teaches him to be a better person. I couldn’t make it past the first 15 minutes of the pilot episode. The woman is way too cheery to be an ex-wife and dead. Ex-wives and the supernatural don’t exactly share a pleasant reputation.

Jersey Shore

The phrase, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” comes to mind. This year the crew went to Italy. Has anyone apologized to Italy yet?

Toddlers & Tiaras

Every six-year-old needs a healthy spray tan. It just helps to express a child’s inner beauty. I heard somewhere that beauty is immeasurable. Not according to this show. Apparently it can be measured. The proof is in that shiny plastic crown at the end of the competition.

Kristen McEwen

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