Arts Roundtable – March 14


Broten copyKyle Leitch, Paul Bogdan, Michael Chmielewski, Julia Dima

1. What do you think of Cam Broten's winning the provincial NDP leadership race?

KL: Honestly, I thought smart money was on Trent Wotherspoon. Broten sort of won the thing from out of nowhere, as far as I’m concerned. At any rate, any new face on the NDP is going to be better than Lingenfelter’s.

PB: I have no real thoughts on this, so hopefully Cam Broten can change my apathy into caring about the NDP on a provincial level.

MC: Most my NDP friends seemed to be singing praises of Ryan Meili, predicting he would win. But it was close nevertheless, and Broten has got his work really cut out for him. I don’t envy the guy.

JD: Not enough facial hair. But, seriously, I wish Ryan won because of his facial hair and the social idealism that seems to have completely departed from the NDP since Jack died.

2. What are your thoughts on the University Council meeting (the first in over 20 years) that happened last Wednesday?

KL: Can you even legitimately call it the University Council if it hasn’t met in over twenty years? At that point, isn’t a meeting like that just a freak occurrence?

PB: There were some clear divides in the faculty on the issues, and from where I was sitting I couldn’t really tell as to where those lines were drawn, but it was interesting nonetheless. Also, I think it’s great the faculty and students are being more and more vocal, but ultimately, Board of Governors meetings are still closed.

MC: My Latin prof put it best afterwards: “shitshow”.

JD: Wow, there are many thoughts – mostly, that this university is a lot more divided than I realized. It’s very upsetting and concerning, from a student's perspective.

3. How is U of R Board of Governors Chair Paul McLellan so confused?

KL: Years of experience, I guess.

PB: Puppet Master Brad Wall must have forgot to tell him what to think about the University Council meeting.

MC: I honestly haven’t read what he said, and I don’t want to. I’m already getting pretty depressed about all the bullshit at this university.


4. How long before Seoul gets leveled by North Korea and shit hits the fan?

KL: About as long as it takes Kim Jong-un to devour a foot-long hoagie.

PB: I honestly can’t tell if this situation is all a bluff or if the North Korean government is actually insane enough to do this.

MC: I think this situation is similar to “The Mouse That Roared.” North Korea will start a war to get invaded and after the loss, receive tons of humanitarian aid. 

JD: Oh, it never will. North Korea is like the douche at the bar that calls a girl a dyke if she doesn't let him buy her a drink. They will skulk off into the darkness and get hammered on Bacardi and coke with their bro, Vietnam, for the rest of the night. Idiotic, but harmless.

5. What's the best meal you can find on campus?

KL: Speaking of foot-long sandwiches, I’ve lately rediscovered how cheap and relatively okay a sandwich from Henderson’s can be. It’s not worth the miles-deep line that usually forms there, but it’s not bad, either.

PB: Global Village usually has some pretty okay meals, but the Owl’s lunch specials are generally the best bang for your buck.

MC: My go-to is the Turkey Bacon wraps at the Owl.

JD: Do the fresh cinnamon buns at Luther Lynk count as a meal? Well, they do for me, and they are damn good.

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