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Regina hard rock band is gaining steam

The Carillon had the opportunity to interview an up and coming rock band, Above the Crown, about what it is like in the Regina music scene, fresh off the heels of the Prince Albert Pretty in Punk music festival. 

Dylan Biasutto, guitarist and lead vocalist, summarized what Above the Crown is all about. 

“We started out as a band called Diffusing Grey, from which me and Joe are the only original members that transitioned over.” 

“I always personally aimed to write some powerful music to help people through some rough times, as lots of my personal influences did for me.” 

Biasutto, along with Joe Toffan on lead guitar, Brendon Cooper on bass, and Matthew Palynchuk on drums, try to find their niche amidst many different influences. 

“We try not to let our influences overtake each other. The four of us have very different musical backgrounds, which ultimately lead to our very weird style of music,” said Biasutto. 

“I’m personally all about hard rock music, where Bren is in to more punk and progressive stuff. Then you have Joe, who is our lovely classic rock guy but who is obsessed with the weirdest sounds you can find in music. To top it off, we have Matt, who is a more hardcore drummer.” 

Biasutto had troubles trying to summarize which bands they felt they sounded most like. 

“If I had to mix some bands into a pot to give us our sound, I’d say something like the Tea Party, Deftones, and Breaking Benjamin.” 

Biasutto, a longtime fan and performer in the Regina music scene, highlighted how he thought Above the Crown fit into the musical mosaic. 

“The Regina and Saskatchewan music scene as a whole is a very odd place to exist. Being in Sask., you have two very different types of listeners. You either get your pop/country/electronic fan or your Rock/metal/punk fan,” said Biasutto. 

“Being where we are musically makes it tricky to find a place to fit in. We are like the weird neighbor to a lot of different local acts. But different isn’t always a bad thing.” 

Biasutto enjoys the bands unique and different sound from what else is being played in Regina. 

“Having people approach us and say the music we make is a breath of fresh air is the best feeling imaginable.” 

The band was also really happy to support other local artists and entrepreneurs in the province. 

“We record all of our music with Jared Robinson of Nebulus Entertainment,” said Biasutto. 

Above the Crown’s newest single, “Summit,” is available to listen to on Facebook and all major streaming platforms. 

The single is a driving track that grinds and rumbles through moments of clean vocals only to sink back into the band’s signature brooding tone. The song’s bridges and moments of clarity provide relief from the distorted guitars and thudding double kick. The song’s finale was a considerable high point for me, showing off their metal and punk influences.  

What I mean by that, is that you should take a listen for yourself and see how Above the Crown is amalgamating multiple genres to create their own individual sound. 

You can see Above the Crown next at the Revival Music Room on Sept. 27. 

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