A three-day workout split

I can’t weight. Jelmer Assink via Unsplash

If you can only work out a few days a week, this one may work for you

Are you someone who goes to the gym on a regular basis? Are you getting tired of the same routine or the same exercises every week? Maybe you are someone who wants to get into going to the gym, but does not know what routine to follow.

This week, the Carillon is going to take you through a workout split that you can try! Depending on your body or your schedule, maybe you can only go to the gym a certain time a week, and that is okay. Today we are going to look at a schedule that is based on going to the gym three times a week. Here is a reminder: go to the gym and take these activities at your own pace. Everybody is different, and we will try to give you tips to do these exercises safely. If you do not understand, ask a friend, an instructor, or look it up online to keep yourself and your body safe.

First, let us talk about the three-days-a-week split. This split involves a lower body day, upper body day, and then a cardio day. Day one can consist of glutes and a quad workout. Some key exercises that you can try out are squats, side leg raises, lunges, and some cross-over leg extensions. Each of these exercises can be done with or without weight, and you can do as many reps of them as you please. Here are some things about form to remember.

Squats: Make sure your legs are hip-width apart, and bend at the knees. When you bend at the knees, make sure your butt goes back and your weight is on your heels (lift your toes if you need). Then once you come up, tighten your core and legs (give them a good squeeze).

Side leg raise: Bend your supporting leg in slightly, then lift up your other leg to the side with a flexed foot. Make sure you control the movement up and down, and don’t swing your leg. Use your muscle, not momentum.

Lunges: Get into position by standing with your feet hip-width apart. Now, lift up one leg and step either forward or backward, making sure it bends at 90 degrees. Look in a mirror if you can, and make sure you are vertical and not leaning forward. Then keep alternating feet and directions, feeling it in the glutes and the quads.

Cross-over leg extension: This one involves you being on both your hands and knees. Once you are there, choose a leg and point that toe. Then you are going lift that leg over to the other side and back like you are making a rainbow. You should feel this in the glutes, so lift up to feel that tension. If you have sore wrists or knees, you can modify or use a pillow.

Day two’s split consists of chest, shoulders, and triceps. Some key exercises you can try out are front shoulder raises, chest fly, and overhead shoulder presses. Each of these workouts can be done with as much weight as you please and as many reps as you like.

Front shoulder raise: Put a weight in each hand and put your arms/hands in front of you right at your thighs. Now try to keep your arms straight and lift straight out from your body, gradually up to shoulder height. Do not lift your shoulders up as this should also be done with your muscles, not with momentum.

Chest fly: Lay down on your back and open your arms side to side, almost down to the ground, and bring them back up. As the name suggests, you should feel this in the chest.

Overhead shoulder press: This can be done in a chair or while standing. Keep your back straight and bring both arms out to the side, bent 90 degrees. Press up, bringing the weights towards one another right above your head, and bring them back down with control. If you find you are struggling with form, imagine you are crushing a walnut between your shoulder blades. Keep your chin tucked and neck long.

Last day can consist of some cardio, which will be different for everyone. When some people think of cardio, they ultimately think of running on a treadmill, and for some people (like me) that is not enjoyable. Some good cardio alternatives to try are skipping rope, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, plank jacks, bicycles, elliptical machines, StairMasters, and the list can continue forever. For cardio, just focus on getting that heart rate up and keeping movement consistent.

I hope this article helped you think of what to do on your next gym day, or maybe it encouraged you to tell us about your workout routine!


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