A quick one before we’re away


Hey there everyone – just posting to let you know a couple of things:

  1. There'll be a new In Brief tomorrow, and it'll be extra-long, since we won't be on stands again until March 3. A good chunk of the podcast will be taken up by a condensed audio segment covering most of the AGM. So, I'm very sorry if you're waiting on the next In Brief. This one'll be crackerjack, I promise! (This is a terrible thing to have promised.)
  2. We'll also be uploading a recording of the entire meeting over the weekend, so that people who missed it can listen to the motions and debates, as well as the reports from the executive.
  3. There'll also be a CUP roundup tomorrow; sorry about the lack of one last week.

That's everything. Have a good night, folks!

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